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The British Isles and the trip that changed my life!

This July marks five years since my first ever solo traveling experience.  No guides, no groups, no friends, just me, my camera, and my uncomfortable backpack that I will probably never use again. Back in 2013, I set out on a month long backpacking adventure through the British Isles.  This was during a time where… Continue reading The British Isles and the trip that changed my life!

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Pros and Cons of Traveling

Traveling the world can be amazing!  Being able to visit and see up close all the sites you've been dreaming of can be euphoric.  It can make you feel invincible, like you can do anything. It can also be terrifying, unsatisfying, and just plain disappointing.  Like with anything else, there are many pros and cons… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Traveling

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Hostels vs. Hotels

How do you choose between a hostel, hotel, guesthouse, or B&B? Chances are, if you have traveled abroad, you have asked yourself this very question.  You may factor in price, location, and your age.  So, what are the big differences between you options for accommodations and how do you choose what's right for you? Hotels… Continue reading Hostels vs. Hotels