Buttermilk Falls
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Chasing Waterfalls, Part Two: Ithaca, NY

If you know me, then you know I am always up for exploring what is around me (even with my strong hatred of bugs).  If there are waterfalls involved, it is even better. This summer I had the chance to explore two parks I haven't had the chance to really visit yet: Buttermilk Falls and… Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls, Part Two: Ithaca, NY

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Rochester, NY

Sometimes you get bored with your city.  You are there everyday, and even though there may be a lot to do, nothing appeals to you.  The good thing is there are many other towns and cities for you to explore!  And the other day, my friend Shelby and I took a spontaneous trip to Rochester.… Continue reading Rochester, NY

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A Distillery and a Brewery

It's been a while, I now.  But I'm still here.  The holiday's are a busy time for me, but I'm still out exploring! A few weeks ago now, my adventure friend Morgan and I decided to check out a local distillery and brewery.    Around us, there seems to be new breweries and distilleries popping… Continue reading A Distillery and a Brewery