What I did in London

I was lucky enough to spend nine full days in London a few years back.  This was my first stop on my month long (solo) jaunt through the British Isles.  London is a fast paced city with much to see and do, so how did I spend my time when I only had nine days? … Continue reading What I did in London


Brazilian Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are delicious, chocolatey fudge balls rolled in sprinkles (or a topping of your choosing).  And they are also simple to make! You only need four ingredients: 1 - 14 oz Can Of Dulce de Leche* 2 Tablespoons of Butter unsalted 4 Tablespoons of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Sprinkles Grab a pot and add the can of dulce de leche, butter, and cocoa … Continue reading Brazilian Brigadeiros

People to People (my #TBT)

People to People was when I first traveled internationally. The trips are usually 3 weeks long, and many include traveling through many different countries. For my experience, we visited France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. We had a group of 40 high schoolers from the CNY area, along with four teachers who acted as our leaders. … Continue reading People to People (my #TBT)


I once described Scotland as the one place I didn’t know I always wanted to visit. I decided to travel to Scotland out of convenience. When I was planning my solo trek, I literally said “Well, I guess I’ll visit Scotland since I’m already in the area.” I wish I had done more research before … Continue reading Scotland

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes with a Buttercream Frosting

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes! It’s been so cold and snowy up here lately and baking really lifts my spirits.  After digging out from over two feet of snow last week (thank you Stella), I remembered why I moved down south. I like making these cupcakes because they do not call for a bunch of crazy ingredients. I also added a … Continue reading Classic Vanilla Cupcakes with a Buttercream Frosting