Hello and welcome to Debbi Takes On!

My name is Debbi and I love to travel, write, and bake!  I am also a budding amateur photographer and I love learning how to use my new-ish camera.

This is not my first venture into blogging, but I hope to fill this blog with posts of my travel and baking/cooking adventures.

I also have a cat named Pumpkin, so look out for her!


 I love to travel.

Travel is how I got into blogging in the first place.  If you’d like, check out my first travel blog >here<.

I have always loved traveling and had my first taste of international travel back in 2004 with People to People.  We visited France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy over the course of 21 days.  In 2013, I set out for the month of July to backpack solo through England, Scotland, and Ireland.  I hope to do much more traveling in the near future.


I love to bake.

I started baking when I was a teenager and haven’t stopped yet.  I make a lot of cakes and cookies, but I love to explore and try new recipes.  Pie is one of my favorite dessert and I never seem to make it enough.

I once thought about going to pastry school and then opening my own bakery, but there is something very satisfying about reading and teaching yourself.

Have any ideas of treats you’d like to see me try?  Let me know!

Other miscellaneous information about me:

I am in my early 30’s.  I recently moved back to Central New York after living in sunny, warm Charlotte, NC for the past couple of years.  I work in a great restaurant (one I worked at for years before moving to NC).  I do have a business degree, and I am planning on going back to school to maybe someday be a lawyer.

Things I like:

  • Music (especially classic rock)
  • Theatre (When I was young, I wanted to grow up and become an actor.  I did theatre throughout high school and in college)
  • Drawing
  • My cat, Pumpkin
  • Dancing
  • Binge watching TV shows on Netflix
  • Photography

Things I do not like:

  • SNOW (I live in the wrong region)