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I loved England.

The history, the culture, fish and chips, bangers and mash, Adnam’s, and the 99! Land of Harry Potter and Doctor Who!

I was lucky enough to spend a good chunk of my trip here exploring as much as I could see.



London is the first city I have ever fallen in love with.  Small cafe’s, eclectic pubs, the theatre, walking along the banks of the Thames, eating 99’s on a hot summer day….


Ah, yes. I was in love. And epic summer romance tragically cut short.

Another thing I loved about London were the neighborhoods. I stayed in Hammersmith, which is in west London. I was a short walk from the river and the High Street.

Hammersmith 1

If you visit Abbey Road Studios, you will find yourself in the Maida Vale neighborhood.


This neighborhood runs along the canal system. Some of these boats are houses, some are canal side restaurants, and some can transport you to the London Zoo!

miada vale 2

miada vale 1

Now it’s time for Tourist London!

Protobello Road Market

portobello market 1

St. James’s Park

St. James Park 1

St. James Park 2

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey


Changing of the Guard


Neal’s Yard for all your organic and natural needs.


Trafalgar Square is perfect for people watching!

Trafalgar Square

View from the top!

London Eye

Let’s get our learning on at the British Museum

British Museum

White Tower at the Tower of London

Tower of London 1

Must do in London: I love the every so popular Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses. It’s a way to see everything. I like to bring a small notebook with me as well and make notes of places of interest I want to return to later. The tour I took took about three hours and I honestly saw everything I hoped to see while in the city.


Also, make sure you go to Kerbisher & Malt for some amazing fish and chips!

St. Ives (Cornwall)

St. Ives is a small town that lies at the very bottom of Cornwall, almost as west as you can get in England. I don’t remember how I came upon this town in my planning and honestly before I found it I was dead set on visiting the Lake District. Maybe it was the sparking blue waters and white sandy beaches? Perhaps the Cornish foods: pasties, ice cream, fudge, and clotted cream? Cornish mead? I don’t know, but boy am I glad I went.

St. Ives 1

I spent three days here sitting on the beach, walking through town, and eating an insane amount of sweets. I like to think of this time as my vacation-vacay. It was a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle that was London.

cornish ice cream

Welcome to….England??

The view was amazing!

St. Ives 2

Can you believe this view was right across the street from me?

St. Ives 3

Watch out now! The seagulls are vicious here….

St. Ives 4

Took six hours by train to get here, but so worth it!

St. Ives 5

Must do in St. Ives: Walk down to the shore, find a fish and chips stand, sit on a bench and enjoy you fish and chips on the English sea shore. Sit back, breathe in that fresh air, watch the sun set, and take it all in.

fish n chips


Cambridge in all it’s higher educational glory. From touring colleges I could only ever dream of attending, to punting on the River Cam, and finishing with lunch at Fitzbillies. Cambridge is the ultimate college town, with over 30 that make up Cambridge University. My lovely hosts took me on a walking tour of the city and colleges. Once the tour was over, we went punting! It’s strange to me that they let people try to punt themselves. I wonder how many people fall into the river….

I love the color of this door!

cambridge 1

One of the side streets. That Elizabethan style house is probably older than our country.

cambridge 2

This is a college….All the colleges here have perfect, manicured lawns that you are forbidden to walk on.


Kings College Chapel….More like a small cathedral.

kings college

Fun Fact! The closer the wood beams are together, the wealthier you were!

cambridhe uni

Punting down the River Cam.

swans river cam

Our rides for the afternoon.


Must do in Cambridge: Punting tours on the River Cam. This was such an awesome way to see all of Cambridge University. If you feel brave, you can give it a go yourself.

punting 2

Immerse yourself in this town. This is where some of the greatest minds attended school. Founded in 1209, it’s the second oldest English speaking university. So much greatness has come from inside these walls. In fact, your I.Q. might shift a few points by just walking the halls.


I literally have nothing to say about this city. As a Beatles fan, I was super excited to visit this city! I had plans to wander around, hitting up some famous Beatles spots. My actual experience here was anything but super.

I arrived after a week in Scotland, and it was here that I discovered I had gotten bed bugs from a hostel in Glasgow. I barricaded myself in my room, cried a bit, and ordered room service. I only had one night and had booked a night at the Hard Days Night Hotel ahead of time and was a kind of “splurge”.

Hard Days Night Hotel

I will go back, though. And hopefully without bed bugs.

Literally one of the BEST burgers I’ve ever had.

Hard Days Night Hotel 2

Each room has a different Beatles story.

Hard Days Night Hotel 3


1 thought on “England”

  1. I am a big fan of England too. I loooove the English countryside and its history. Next to France it has my favorite history.
    I have been to many cities in the UK but not Cambridge and the southwest corner (Cornwall etc.) yet.
    Your post was very good and explained very well the highlights. Loved it.


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