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I once described Scotland as the one place I didn’t know I always wanted to visit.

edinburgh 2

I decided to travel to Scotland out of convenience. When I was planning my solo trek, I literally said “Well, I guess I’ll visit Scotland since I’m already in the area.” I wish I had done more research before I went.

I visited three cites in Scotland: Edinburgh, Inverness, and Glasgow. Each city offered something different.


edinburgh 1

Edinburgh is like no other city I have ever visited. Even aesthetically speaking. It lies on the east coast on the North Sea. It is, to this date, the friendliest city I have been to.

I stayed in the heart of Old Town at a hostel hidden away in a dark alley. Seriously, the only thing I didn’t like about my stay was my dungeon room. The location more than made up for it though, as you can see. The street was filled with cafes and shops galore.

edinburgh 5

Because I didn’t plan very well my time in Scotland, I only gave myself a couple days to spend here. As soon as I arrived I knew I had to make the most of my short visit.

edinburgh 4

edinburgh 3

I spent a whole day walking up and down High Street. I walked all the way to the Scottish Parliament and the Queen’s Gallery and the royal residence. It was very warm while I was up here, so I made frequent stops into some shops. Needless to say, I spent a lot of money this day.

Another thing I did was visit Edinburgh Castle.

edinburgh castle 4

edinburgh castle 3

edinburgh castle 2

edinburgh castle 1

Most of my time here was event sight seeing. While I was traveling, I had another blog. It was my first venture into travel blogging and I poured (almost all) my heart into it. Though there are somethings I kept for myself, but I wanted to share what I wrote in my phone and still have saved today.

“Edinburgh is unlike any city I have ever visited before. While sitting, listening to a bagpiper, over looking Edinburgh Castle, it’s easy to get immersed into the Scottish culture. And I love it. It’s easy to loose yourself in your surroundings. You forget that you are far from home. You forget that you are out on your own. And you forget how tired you are and how you just want to go home. It brings you back to the present and makes you appreciate this experience you are partaking in even more. The sounds are beautiful and full of such history, unlike any history we have in the states. But a history that spans hundreds upon hundreds of years.”

Oh, Edinburgh. I will be back for you.


The Scottish Highlands are beautiful.

highlands 2

highlands 1

I took these pictures on the train from Edinburgh to Inverness. The highlands hold some of the most stunning scenery I have yet to see. Pictures do not do it justice.

Sadly, I was only in Inverness for the weekend. I booked this part on a whim and all I really had time for was the Loch Ness tour.

Inverness 1

Inverness 2

I booked ahead on the internet and took a screen shot on my phone. Good thing, too! It was a packed boat. You can buy your tickets on site, but I didn’t want to take any chances. There were also a variety of different types of tours you can take, but I took the “Three-Hour Tour”. And yes, I did sing the Gilligan’s Island theme song.

loch ness 3

It was a gorgeous day! Hardly a cloud in the sky! The waters of Loch Ness are almost black in appearance and you cannot see anything below the surface. Our boat also had a sonar system to help search for Nessie. Sadly, we did not see her. But it’s easy to see where the myths come from.

loch ness 5

lochness in motion


When I told people I was going to Glasgow, two things came out of their mouths: “Why?” and “I hope you don’t get shot”.

glasgow 4

Yes, Glasgow is a little rough around the edges, and yes, I was aware of it’s reputation. I think the honest reason I decided to go was because I was already in the country, so why not?

I wish I had more time there. Again, this was just a two night stay for me, a place to visit for a bit before I headed over to Ireland. This is also the first time it rained on my travels over there.

glasgow 1

I spent most of my time in the shopping area right by my hostel. It was full of malls, shops, restaurants, and pubs. It seemed very lively, despite the pouring rain.

glasgow 2

glasgow 5

I would love to return back to Scotland and spend much more time. There were many cities and towns I wanted to visit, but just never had the time. And when I do return, the Hebrides will be on the top of my list! I have a love/hate relationship with the great outdoors, but I would love to do a camping trip through the Hebrides.

So, next time Scotland. Next time.


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