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24 Hours in Boston


boston 1

I used to know Boston better that any city I was living in at that time. It is my favorite city to visit here in the states. This was my first time visiting in a while. I had about a collective 24 hours in the city this past week so I had to really pick and choose what to see and what to do.
Here are my top picks of what to do in Boston if you only have 24 hours.

The New England Aquarium.

I have been coming to this aquarium since I was a kid and I still love it today. I make sure I stop in every time I am in Boston. The prices have gone up (now $27 for adults!), but it’s totally worth it. (Also, keep your eye out for travel brochures. We found a $3 off coupon for up to 4 tickets.) You can easily spend a couple hours here, more if you have smaller kids.

The entire floor is a penguin exhibit. And who doesn’t like penguins? These little guys can be seen swimming around or just posing on the rocks. There are a variety of species here, but they are all smaller penguins.

NE Aquarium 2
There are multiple tanks around the outside walls housing a large variety of different species of fish. They have fresh water and salt water fish here. Even an electric eel! There was also an octopus exhibit, but I was not able to get any pictures because they were hiding up in a corner.

NE Aquarium 6

NE Aquarium 1

But the best part about this aquarium:

NE Aquarium 4

Sea turtle! This is Myrtle….I think. There are two giant sea turtles that live here. The center of the aquarium is a giant glass cylinder going up to the top floor. This tank is full of a large variety of fish, from small bottom feeders, puffer fish, and hammerhead sharks. It’s hard to get good pictures because all the fish are swimming in all different directions.

NE Aquarium 3

Give yourself at least an hour to walk around, more to see everything.

Union Oyster House

union oyster house outside

The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in America. It is also the only place you will ever see me eating clam chowder.
union oyster house
Complimentary corn bread is served to each guest, and is also one of the only times you will see me eating cornbread. Most times I only stop in for these two items, but my last time around I enjoyed a delicious lunch of fried shrimp with coleslaw and fries.

union oyster house 2

It can be a bit on the pricey side, but over all totally worth it. The seafood if fresh (with a lobster tank downstairs) and the atmosphere is lively. It is always busy, so don’t be surprised if there is a wait. There are multiple dining areas to sit in and each room has a different feel to it. There is even a booth where John F. Kennedy sat (I sat there once as a kid). If you like to go to historic places, this is the place for you!

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market

Quincy Market

Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall is a busy shopping and food area. Located across from the harbor, this area has anything you could ever want. Quincy Market itself is a food hall full of different styles of cuisines.
quincy market 2
Along the outside of the hall are kiosks that sell a variety of trinkets. If you are looking for any type of Boston memorabilia, this is your spot to shop.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is a newer addition to Boston. This strip of greenway came from the Big Dig and if you follow it will lead you to China Town.

Here you will find people lounging in the sun and running through the water fountains. Across the way will be a few food trucks and a merry-go-round which costs $3 to ride.

Boston 3

Here is a massive ice cream cookie sandwich I got from the Cookie Monstah food truck. You can choose from a pre-selected menu or build you own.

Cookie Monstah

This was pretty much what I did with my 24 hours. There was also a quick trip to Downtown Crossing to shop at Primark, but time was limited. My little niece was with us so we couldn’t just go all day and night.

boston sunset

This wasn’t my first time in Boston. I usually spend a full week here, so only having less than a day was hard. So I decided to make a list of other ways you can spend you time here.

Places to Go


Ride the T up to Cambridge and walk around this lively Boston suburb. Home to Harvard, this is an ultimate college town. There are many eclectic coffee shops and bookstore to browse through.

North End

If you are looking for a great Italian place, then this is your stop! Home to Mike’s Pastry and the Old North Church, this is an area I love to wander through. If your trying to find a place to eat, many restaurants have menus posted outside the door.

North Shore

This is definitely a day trip kind of thing. I love taking the train up to the shore, especially to Rockport. This quaint New England seaside town is the perfect getaway from the fast paced city of Boston. Visit in the summer, as most places will be closed during the off season. If you want a history lesson, stop off in Salem for some witchy fun.

Places to Eat

Top of the Hub

I used to love eating at Top of the Hub. Get there right when the open to get a seat next to the window!

Legal Sea Foods

legal seafood

Fresh seafood, enough said.

Chart House

Chart House 2

Chart House 1

This trip was the first time I had been here. My aunt took me for lunch the day I arrived and I had the best crab cake sandwich I have ever had.


*On a side note, I wanted to state that my aunt live in Charlestown, so we take the water taxi over a lot. This is why most of my time spent during this trip happen in and around the harbor. Boston is a very walkable city and if you follow the freedom trail, you can find almost any place in the city.

Boston 6


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